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  • Shannon Freix

Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorders

By learning how to breathe deeply, stay present, and open our minds to possibilities versus limitations, yoga can shine a bright light on our innate strengths and support us as we take baby steps to make new choices in our recovery. The results can be surprisingly empowering. I know because yoga has been the key to my recovery from anorexia. Based on my experiential knowledge and professional training as a yoga therapist, my goal is to teach you new tools that will help you get unstuck and moving forward.

What You Will Learn

  • how to breathe deeply and calm your mind

  • yoga poses to build mental and physical strength

  • grounding techniques to get you through hard meals and moments

  • yoga concepts that empower and offer new ways to think about your thoughts, actions, and body

  • how to get comfortable in your body

  • how to observe yourself instead of judge

  • how to be present instead of trapped in "ED Head"

  • the power of mantra and meditation

I get that it can feel scary to do or try yoga and be in your body. But I promise I will be there to guide you. No matter what you're thinking, feeling, or fearing, I've been there. I know your struggle because it's been my struggle. I am dedicated to creating a safe space for you to reconnect with your body in the most positive way possible so that you experience your body as a source of strength.

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