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Are you experiencing physical pain or tension, mental or emotional overwhelm, or recurring stress, anxiety or burnout? Yoga therapy could be the healing modality you're looking for. Yoga therapists work with students to address physical or emotional concerns using yoga poses, philosophy, and breathwork. Through a comprehensive assessment and personalized treatment process, each student develops a set of yogic tools and practices that empowers them to take control of their own well-being. 




Iyengar Yoga Therapy is rooted in the traditions and methods of B.K.S. Iyengar, who devoted his life to developing the practice of yoga for both daily life and therapeutic application. His work is carried on by the many teachers that continue to study and teach his method today, and who put his method to the test using principles of scientific inquiry


PRECISION: Each yoga pose is personalized to address the student's individual needs, and to accommodate injuries or physical limitations.


PROPS: Yoga props like blankets, blocks, and bolsters allow the student to receive the maximum benefit of each pose.


HOLISTIC: Yoga therapy utilizes a holistic approach to create awareness of physical and mental patterns that contribute to ill-being.


SKILLS: Iyengar yoga therapy emphasizes skills development, empowering each student with the knowledge to sustain their yoga practice at home.

In addition to being a Level 2 CIYT, Erin Burke-Webster is a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) with more than 10 years of experience in the therapeutic application of yogic practices.



Each student begins yoga therapy with an Initial Assessment. Want to learn more before scheduling? You can also reach out via our Inquiry Form at the bottom of the page.

Schedule Initial Assessment

During your initial appointment, Erin will discuss your concerns and goals to create a therapeutic plan. Each student learns at their own pace; Erin offers private lesson packages designed to support students in their therapeutic process.  A specific recommendation will be made at your initial assessment.




Each yoga therapy student begins their process with an initial assessment.  The goal is for you to understand yoga therapy and how it can support you, and to identify your specific needs. 

Assessments last 75 to 90 minutes.



Riverstone_single (13).jpg

Single Session

Regular rate


Riverstone_group (104).jpg

3 Lesson Series

 5% discount
1 month expiration


Riverstone_single (55).jpg

5 Lesson Series

 10% discount
2 month expiration


Riverstone_yogawall (8).jpg

10 Lesson Series

 15% discount
3 month expiration


Yoga therapy packages are not available for purchase via our website. 

For more information and scheduling availability, please click below.

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