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The conditions right now are the conditions we need for our work. It is not a matter of waiting until the conditions are better, when the situation is calmer or when we have more time, or more information. Now, in the midst of our daily life, engaged in our professions and households, we can and should undertake the practice of yoga. If not now, when?

Ravi Ravindra
The Wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras



Whether you’re new to yoga or new to our studio, try us out with a New Student Pass. All new Riverstone students enjoy their first five classes for $50*. 





*Valid for 8 weeks from the date of purchase. Limit one per person.




Set up your student account by clicking Log In/Create Account in the upper right corner of our payment page (creating a student account allows you to manage your class registrations via our website).

Once you've created your account, you can then purchase your New Student Pass.

Head to our Class Calendar to register for class. Not sure where to start? Read our Class Descriptions or Connect with us and we can help you decide. 

Please read and complete our Student Waiver before attending your first class. You can also read our full  registration and refund policies.

Noob Special

Follow the steps below to start your New Student Session.  Once you make a purchase, you can access your account and class schedule via our Student Center

We are committed to ensuring access to yoga for everyone; if price is a concern, please read about our Equity in Access option.

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Grunge Texture



Yoga has improved my strength, flexibility, and overall comfort. Erin creates the perfect lessons to fit my needs as a trail rider and jogger, making it possible for me to enjoy the outdoor activities that I love.

Deb Schatz

I am a novice to Iyengar Yoga at the age of 75. With Erin’s teaching, guidance and patience, I have incorporated yoga into my everyday life. My posture, strength, and balance have improved my well-being.  I can’t imagine my life without my sessions with Erin.

Janet  Clark

Under Erin’s most thoughtful, kind, and precise instruction, I became reacquainted with Iyengar Yoga. I didn’t realize how my body and mind needed (and missed) this practice. The class became a blessing for me.

Linda Regnier
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