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Teacher: Ashley Tetu
Date: December 13 – 17
Time: 7:15– 8:15 am daily
Location: Riverstone Yoga Center
Cost: $300

The Power of Practice:
5-day Pranayama Immersion


Pranayama is a deeply transformative practice on all levels, physical and emotional. It is your time to find deep quiet and expansiveness inside.  Daily pranayama practice is your time to be with yourself with a clear mind and an open heart.

You receive the most benefits of pranayama when you practice consistently, ideally on a daily basis. It takes discipline, dedication, and a baseline of knowledge to make the most of your personal pranayama practice. Being with a community of people committed to the same endeavor is one of the ways to inspire and direct your practice.

December is a wonderful time for an immersion like this:  darker mornings create a quiet and contemplative atmosphere.  The holidays can be busy for your senses – and your schedule.  Carving out this time for inward-minded study will help you maintain your energy stores through the month and into the new year.

Join us for 5 days of pranayama in a row.  You will graduate from the Immersion ready to develop your home practice and receive the daily benefits!

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Ashley Tetu

Level 1 CIYT

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Teacher Bio
Ashley (she/her) was first drawn to Iyengar yoga by the precision and clarity of instruction, feeling like she was truly learning poses.  Over time, she realized that her frequent migraines had subsided and could be easily managed with her yoga practice.  She has a deep appreciation for the Iyengar method because of the depth of awareness it brings.

Goal for this workshop
Something specific about this workshop and why this person is interested in teaching; make it personal. Make this about what students might get out of this workshop and a little insight as to why it's different from a regular class. This is less about the teacher and more about what the teacher hopes to bring out of the students. (Essentially, why should I pay extra money to attend this outside of my regular practice?)

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