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Series: Functional Anatomy of Yoga Asana

Ashley Tetu, CIYT and Kat Ingalls, DPT

$250 for the series, $65 for individual classes

Each in person class runs from 1:00 to 3:00 PM (livestream and recorded options also available)

Equity in Access support is available for students with limited resources.

February 18th: Feet and Legs

March 18th: Hips, Pelvis, and Low Back

April 22nd: Spine, Abdomen, and Ribs

May 13th: Neck, Shoulders, Arms, and Hands

June 3rd: Anatomy of Breathing


Explore the anatomy of yoga asana with this in depth series.  Join Ashley Tetu, CIYT and Kat Ingalls, DPT for a progressive sequence of classes designed to develop your knowledge of functional movement in yoga poses, as well as your understanding of your own unique asana practice.

Each class will include an examination of anatomical structure to build your knowledge of the body, as well as a sequence of yoga poses to develop your  interoceptive awareness.  Students will also learn about the body mechanics and anatomical relationships that affect their unique experience in yoga poses.  

Not able to attend each class at the scheduled time?  We have you covered!  This series is offered both in person and online via livestream at the time of class.  In addition, all students who register will also have access to a recording of the class for one month afterwards, making this a great opportunity to study and practice at the best time for you.    

Ashley Tetu

Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Ashley (she/her) was first drawn to Iyengar yoga by the precision and clarity of instruction. She appreciates the deep potential of yoga to enhance well-being at the most subtle levels, and credits her yoga practice with alleviating her chronic migraines. She teaches with a sense of curiosity and fun, guiding students to discover the depth and wonder of yoga for themselves.

Kat Ingalls

Doctor of Physical Therapy


Kathleen Ingalls has practiced the art of physical medicine
for the past 18 years in the Flathead Valley. As a specialist in orthopedic rehabilitation, she continues to advance through experience and study of biomechanics and functional
movement with the human body’s structural and anatomical components as her foundation. With passion, Kathleen offers education, instruction, hands on approaches, as well as observed movement and postural patterns for individual understanding of how to best use your body on a daily basis.

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